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An introduction to storm surges

Module Overview

What is a storm surge?

Some notable storm surge events in the last 10 years

First Principles - The physics behind storm surges

Storm surge impacts on our coastal activities

Storm surges - Origins & impacts - Lecture.

Storm surge captured on video (BBC News, Plan International)

Self Assessment Quiz

Current storm surge modelling

Module Overview

Introduction to modelling for storm surge applications

Modelling storm surges (Part 1) - Lecture

Modelling storm surges (Part 2) - Lecture

Self Assessment Quiz

Current storm surge forecasting

Module Overview

The storm surge forecasting chain - from data to warnings - Lecture

Forecasting storm surges - our current capabilities - Lecture

Storm surge warning systems - Case study of the Japan Meteorological Agency - Lecture

Self Assessment Quiz

The potential for Earth Observation Data

Module Overview

E.O data potential for Storm Surge applications

What is available? Data and data types

What resources are currently available - the ESA example - Lecture

Self Assessment Quiz

Incorporating EO data into storm-surge modelling and forecasting

Module Overview

Lessons from assimilation - the North Sea experience - Lecture

Lessons from assimilation - the Venetian experience - Lecture

Self Assessment Quiz